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Integration for Salesforce and Contact Form 7, WPForms, Elementor, Formidable, Ninja Forms

Integration for Salesforce and Contact Form 7, WPForms, Elementor, Formidable, Ninja Forms


Contact Form 7 salesforce Plugin sends form submissions from Contact Form 7, WPforms, Elementor Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form Entries Plugin and and many other contact form plugins to Salesforce when someone submits a form. Learn more about Contact Form Salesforce Plugin at crmperks.com. We also offer other connector for Pardot Contact Form 7 Pardot Integration.

How to Setup

  • Go to “Salesforce Accounts” tab then add new account.
  • Go to “Salesforce Feeds” tab then create new feed.
  • Map required salesforce fields to contact form 7 fields.
  • Send your test entry to Salesforce.
  • Go to “Salesforce Logs” tab and verify, if entry was sent to Salesforce.

Connect salesforce account

Connect any contact form 7 to salesforce account by safe and secure Oauth 2.0. You can use simple “Web2Lead”, if API access is disabled for your salesforce account.

Map salesforce fields

First select any salesforce object then Map contact form fields to salesforce object fields. There is No limitation on number of fields. You can map unlimited fields.

Filter contact form 7 submissions

Either Send all contact form 7 submissions to salesforce or filter contact form submissions sent to salesforce based on user input. For example , send only those entries to salesforce which have work email address.

Manually send to salesforce

Send contact form 7 submissions to salesforce when someone submits a contact form. You can manually send contact form submissions to salesforce.

salesforce logs

View a detailed log of each contact form 7 submission whether sent (or not sent) to salesforce and easily resend any contact form submission to salesforce.

Send Data As salesforce object Notes

Send one to many contact form fields as salesforce object notes when anyone submits a form on your site.

Why we built this plugin

Contact Form 7 and some other popular contact forms are good but you can not send contact form submissions to any crm including salesforce. You can send any contact form submissions from your wordpress site to salesforce with this free wordpress salesforce plugin.

Premium Version Features.

This plugin has a Premium version which comes with several additional benifits Contact Form Salesforce.

  • Custom fields of Salesforce.
  • Phone number fields of any Salesforce  Object.
  • Salesforce Custom Objects.
  • Upload attachments to “Files” section of Salesforce.
  • Assign account to a contact in salesforce.
  • Add a contact and lead to Salesforce Campaign.
  • Assign salesforce object(Contact, account etc) created by one feed to other objects.
  • Google Analytics Parameters and Geolocation of a visitor who submitted the form.
  • Lookup lead’s email using email lookup apis.
  • Verify lead’s phone number and get detailed information using phone lookup apis.
  • 20+ premium addons


Salesforce API access is enabled by default for following editions

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited Edition
  • Developer Edition
  • Performance Edition

You will have to enable Salesforce API for following editions

  • Contact Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Essential Edition
  • Professional Edition

Want to send data to other crm

We have Premium Extensions for 20+ CRMs.View All CRM Extensions

Need Salesforce Plugin for Woocommerce ?

We have Salesforce add-on for Woocommerce. Woocommerce Salesforce Integration

Contact Form 7 Pardot Integration

We have a separate plugin for Pardot. Contact Form 7 Pardot


  • Connect salesforce Account.
  • Map salesforce fields.
  • salesforce logs.
  • Send Contact form entry from wordpress install to salesforce by Free Contact Form Entries Plugin.
  • Get email infomation from Full Contact(Premium feature).
  • Get Customer geolocation, browser and OS (Premium feature).


Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at https://www.crmperks.com/contact-us/.

How to integrate salesforce in contact form 7

You can easily integrate salesforce in contact form 7. Simply install Contact Form 7 Salesforce plugin , Connect salesforce account and finally map contact form fields to salesforce object(contact,lead,account etc) fields.

WPforms Salesforce

  • Easily connect WPforms to your Salesforce account.
  • Create feeds for Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Accounts etc.
  • New WPforms submission will be automatically sent to your Salesforce account.

Elementor form to salesforce

  • Connect Elementor form to your salesforce account.
  • Create a feed for any salesforce object like Contacts, leads etc.
  • When someone submits Elementor form, submission will be automatically sent to your salesforce account.
  • You can manually send any Elementor form entry to salesforce by clicking “send to Salesforce” button.

Contact form 7 salesforce web to lead

if API access is not enabled for your organization then simply use salesforce web to lead. Enter your organization id and map contact form fields to salesforce case or lead fields.

Ninja Forms salesforce integration

  • Easily connect Ninja Forms to your salesforce account.
  • After connecting Salesforce account, Create a feed for salesforce Contacts, Lead etc.
  • New Ninja Forms submission will be automatically sent to your salesforce account.
  • You can manually send any Ninja Forms entry to salesforce by clicking “send to salesforce” button.

Formidable Forms Salesforce

  • Connect your salesforce account with our salesforce plugin.
  • Create feeds for any salesforce object like Contacts, Lead etc. Select correct Formidable Form in feed.
  • New Formidable Form submission will be automatically sent to your salesforce account.
  • You can manually send any Formidable Form entry to salesforce by clicking “send to salesforce” button.

WordPress Salesforce Integration

  • Create beautiful forms and popups with CRM Perks Forms and add these forms anywhere on your site.
  • You can use Contact Form 7 or any other wordpress forms plugin.
  • Install this free WordPress Salesforce Integration plugin then Connect your salesforce account to wordpress.
  • Create a Salesforce feed , select form then map form fields to salesforce Object(Lead, account etc) fields.
  • When anyone submits form , it will go to your salesforce account.

Add custom data in web to lead form

No need to add hidden fields in contact form 7. Easily add your custom data/modify form data with “crmperks_salesforce_post” hook.

Contact form 7 salesforce integration

  • Easily integrate contact form 7 to salesforce with free WordPress Contact Form 7 salesforce Plugin.
  • Connect salesforce account then map already existing contact form fields to salesforce object fields.
  • Salesforce WordPress Plugin sends entries to salesforce when any user submits form.

Can i use this plugin if Salesforce API is not enabled

Yes, you can use web to lead for creating leads and web to case for creating a case in salesforce.

  • Go to “Salesforce Account” and select integration method “Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case”
  • Enter Saleforce Organization id and Save it
  • Go to “Salesforce Feeds” and map contact form 7 fields to salesforce lead or case fields.

Salesforce WordPress Plugin

  • Easily Connect your salesforce account to wordpress site with this free wordpress salesforce plugin.
  • First Install Contact Form 7 plugin and create a simple form.
  • Connect salesforce account to wordpress.
  • Create a salesforce feed then map contact form fields to salesforce object(lead, contact etc) fields.
  • All form submissions will automatically go to your salesforce account.


September 11, 2023
The CF7 <–> SalesForce sync capability is precisely what we needed for our quote intake process. Works wonderfully right out of the box and is feature-rich enough to do pretty much anything needed when managing complex multi-stage data syncs across related CRM records. Highly recommended.
July 26, 2023
This plugin was exactly what we needed. After rolling out our Salesforce org we had difficulty connecting our website forms to Salesforce. After finding this plugin – our problems have been solved. The mapping is very robust and allows for a truly customized integration. I also appreciate that it backs up all of the form entries in case there are any errors.
July 6, 2023
This plug-in works smoothly and has all the options you need to bring Contact form data into Salesforce. We used a plug-in from the same company (CRM Perks) previously to bring Contact data into Zoho CRM when we used that. Tip: Entering the Salesforce URL in settings is optional and you should not enter it unless you find that you need it! If you enter it when it’s not needed, it will not work.
May 12, 2023
This product does a great job of doing what it’s supposed to do, sending data from our website over to SalesForce. It saves us a lot of time, money and eliminates human errors of transposing something incorrectly. Glad we purchased this software!
Read all 59 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Integration for Salesforce and Contact Form 7, WPForms, Elementor, Formidable, Ninja Forms” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • fixed “custom primary key datetime” issue.
  • fixed “id field of wpforms”.


  • fixed “custom primary key” issue.
  • fixed date format issue with API.


  • fixed web2lead debug emails issue.


  • added elementor and ninja forms.


  • fixed “line item update” issue.


  • fixed “web2lead date format” issue.


  • fixed “multiple files” issue.
  • fixed “open redirect” issue.


  • fixed “duplicate file uploads” issue.


  • fixed “salesforce date field timezone” issue.


  • added filter for adding primary key fields.


  • fixed “line breaks” issue.


  • fixed “escape variables” issue.


  • fixed “undefined id” issue.


  • fixed “undefined id” issue.


  • fixed “add field” button not working issue.


  • fixed “debug xss” issue.


  • fixed “date timezone” issue.


  • fixed “missing Order fields” issue.


  • fixed “updating product price” issue.


  • fixed content length warning.


  • fixed date format issue.


  • fixed file field warning.
  • added campaign ID field.
  • fixed “float as string issue in mysql query”.


  • fixed contact form 7 dropdown field.


  • fixed timezone issue in date_created field.
  • added “shpping as line item” feature


  • fixed timezone issue in date field.


  • added separate note title feature.
  • fixed file_get_contents function for files.


  • fixed “self::$order is undefined”.


  • fixed entities issue in multi-picklist value.


  • added name and email as Primary key.


  • custom text option added in notes fields.
  • added multiple primary keys feature.


  • added file uploads support to “Files” section.


  • fixed optin condition for checkboxes.


  • fixed “single checkbox always sends 1 to salesforce”.


  • fixed checkbox field in salesforce web2lead.
  • added files support.


  • fixed array value in log detail.
  • added support form mlti-select picklist field for web2lead.


  • fixed feed id is undefined warning.


  • fixed resend to salesforce feature.


  • fixed salesforce addon fields.


  • fixed salesforce web to lead log.


  • added salesforce sandbox.


  • fixed salesforce web to lead.


  • fixed salesforce phone number fields.


  • fixed contact form 7 only without contact form entries plugin.


  • Initial release.