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Video Gallery by Huzzaz


Video Gallery by Huzzaz supports regular and live video from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitch! And it has a responsive design so it looks great on all screen sizes. It also has the option to minimize and float your video when the user scrolls down the page so it can remain visible.

Examples of Huzzaz being used in the wild
* Fashion Week Online
* How to Start a Startup by YCombinator president Sam Altman

Join over 8,000 websites who use Huzzaz to connect their audience to the videos that matter.

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Top reasons to use Huzzaz Video Gallery:

  1. Turn your WordPress Page or Blog Post into a beautiful video gallery.
  2. Collect and organize YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitch videos using an intuitive drag and drop interface. No need for the WP admin panel.
  3. Fully responsive and automatically paginates your video gallery for you.
  4. Minimize and float your video when the user scrolls down the page.
  5. Video search capabilities within galleries
  6. Share full size Facebook cards and Twitter cards that play all your videos in a single tweet
  7. Auto play or deep link to videos on your website
  8. Automatic HD playback for your videos
  9. Custom colors and design features

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Watch the Huzzaz WordPress video gallery tutorial and read our extra documentation here

Huzzaz Video Gallery Plugin Features:

  • Create links to individual videos within the gallery
  • Autoplay the video gallery
  • Support for https:// websites
  • Custom colors for video gallery
  • Automatically plays the next video in the playlist after the current video is playing
  • Minimize and float your video when the user scrolls down the page
  • Highlights current video in the playlist that’s playing and shows title in the title bar
  • Easily adjust the number of videos shown in the gallery and paginates all the videos in the playlist
  • Fully responsive gallery that will adjust to any width and still look good
  • Easily create an awesome video gallery from your video playlist
  • Popout Video Gallery! – Add a link on your page that creates a video gallery in a new window Features:

  • syncs with the Huzzaz Video Gallery plugin
  • Drag and drop functionality to reorganize videos
  • Add videos to your video gallery by using links to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitch videos or searching YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch on the Huzzaz website
  • Update your video gallery by adding videos from any website with the Huzzaz bookmarklet
  • Videos taken down by YouTube will automatically be removed from your video gallery
  • Follow other collectors on Huzzaz with similar interests and discover awesome videos you could add to your own video gallery
  • Import any YouTube playlist and fill your blog with 100’s of videos in minutes

Learn more about Huzzaz here


  • Put your video gallery anywhere, even in a blog post!
  • Now, it’s super easy to set up, organize and manage a beautiful YouTube and Vimeo video gallery
  • Choose your own custom colors and your video gallery will be responsive and fill up any containing element


Start by creating a video collection on Huzzaz here

  1. Upload huzzaz.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin panel
  3. Place the shortcode on any page or blog post:
    [huzzaz id=”?” vpp=”?” height=”?” bg=”?” color=”?” button=”?” highlight=”?”]

Huzzaz Video Gallery Tutorials and Documentation

You can copy and paste the shortcode from the video collection page! Just click the “</>” button on the right sidebar and fill out the fields to customize height, videos per page, and colors

example: [huzzaz id=”huzzaz-videos” vpp=”16″ height=”1700″ bg=”darkgray” color=”*fff” button=”cyan” highlight=”*ffd700″]

  • id = Find this at the end of your video collection URL on

example: The id for is “huzzaz-videos”

  • vpp = videos per page shown (optional)

  • height = height of video gallery in pixels, adjust accordingly

  • bg = background color (optional)

  • color = font color (optional)

  • button = button color (optional)

  • highlight = accent color for button hovers, link hovers, and selected video (optional)

note: For custom color options, use a hex color code or CSS color name.


Is it really that easy?


What types of videos can I add to my video gallery?

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitch videos can all be shown

How do I add videos to my video gallery?

  1. Copy & paste YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Twitch video links (For Facebook video, right click on the video and select “show video url”)
  2. Use the Huzzaz bookmarklet
  3. Add YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Twitch videos from other Huzzaz video collections
  4. Use the Huzzaz video search to look for YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch videos simultaneously

Your video gallery will automatically sync and update with your Huzzaz video collection.

How do I reorganize my video gallery?

Just drag any video and drop it wherever you want when viewing your video collection on

What happens to a video when it gets removed from YouTube?

We will automatically remove the video from your video gallery and let you know about it.

The video gallery doesn’t show up on the page. What’s going on?

Sometimes conflicts can occur if another plugin or theme option is using javascript or automatically modifying iframes. Make sure you disable all options or plugins that do lazy loading or javascript optimization because this may cause conflicts.

How do I create a video collection on Huzzaz?

Just sign up here

Where do I get the Huzzaz bookmarklet?

Right here. Now you will be add videos to your own website while browsing YouTube, Vimeo, or any other website with YouTube and Vimeo videos.


March 31, 2020 4 replies
A great plug-in until recently (2020). No longer works with Youtube. Still not fixed. .
September 3, 2016
Huzzaz is a very easy to use plugin. It’s almost plug and play: you need only one shortcode and the plugin give it to you! Among all plugins to embedding a video gallery I’ve made tests, Huzzaz is for me the most elegant: beautiful front end, autoplay between videos, responsive design, pagination, sharing capabilities, customization… and last but not least, the guys behind the plugin are the fastest for providing you the help you need. I use now Huzzaz on my website with 4 different channels and a premium theme: Huzzaz and its team deserve a 5 star rating. No doubt
September 3, 2016
Excellent plugin, a great addition to any site! Excellent support, too. Thank you, James!
September 3, 2016 1 reply
This plugin works as advertised and the pro features are definitely worth the extra coin. Support is top notch… buy with confidence. If you want to see Huzzaz in action, you see my videos here: Very quick to update, no reservations about recommending.
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Contributors & Developers

“Video Gallery by Huzzaz” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Update for latest WP version, 6.1.1


Update for latest WP version, 5.8.1


Update for latest WP version, 5.5


Update for latest WP version


Optimize for new WP release


Updates for WP version 5.0


Added property to floating video player to keep it positioned above other elements on websites


Fixed bug that caused a theme to dissappear


Optimize code and add variable for starting at specific video


Increased size of padding for floating video when positioned at top to make more room for headers


Make sure videos that float to bottom stay on bottom


Fix small visual bug


Add support of new Pro Option for floating video gallery that will minimize the video and keep it on the page as a user scrolls


Added Facebook and Twitch as video hosts that can be added to the Huzzaz video gallery


cleaned up code


add gray preloader gif option


update links in readme


improve video gallery load time


Add loading gif to show before hz video gallery loads


Add free tech/dev and marketing consultation!


Adjust video gallery to play nice with lazy loading of images on the same page


Made default video collection top video by Huzzaz


Minor bug fixes


Add options for turning off YouTube annotations and a scroll offset so that when a video plays it scrolls to the right height


Add scroll offset so that when a video plays it scrolls to the right height


Added option to have video gallery without any spacing between thumbnail images in the hzGrid Layout


Options to customize font and CSS added


Update for WP 4.4


Added pro option to hide cover art and show the first video thumbnail by default


New Grid Layout that shows only video thumbnails and then has a lightbox that shows video when any thumbnail is clicked. Also, added link button to easily get link for videos and pages to share. Set initial height of iframe larger so that upon page load, the full gallery is displayed. Added automatic scrolling to video when a video starts playing.


Added autoplay functionality and output escaping


Automatic sizing of video gallery to fit the page and tested compatibility for wordpress 4.3


Added arrows for scrolling horizontal video thumbnails


Tested up to version 4.2


Added new layout, hzCard, and title overlay features to Han Solo and hzCard layouts


Added feature that enables title overlay when video thumbnail is hovered over


Updated customizable classes


Updated stable tag


Added new layout, “Wayne”, that shows the description and has a paginated gallery below the video. Also added optional variable “class” to allow for custom classes and CSS customization.


Added color options to popout gallery


Adjusted popout video gallery to work better on mobile devices


Added popout video gallery link functionality


Added gray play icon option for huzzaz video gallery


Added support for https:// websites and added new layouts


Huzzaz pro video galleries now have the option to search for individual videos within a video gallery


Huzzaz pro video galleries now have the option to choose which video gallery layout to choose independently


Default background of video gallery will now be transparent


Added pro functionalities


  • Allow fullscreen ability for youtube videos


  • Added “huzzazWrapper” class to containing div


  • Added custom colors


  • First version