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WPvivid Image Optimization and Compression Plugin is an all-in-one WordPress image optimization plugin that offers the ability to easily optimize and lazy load images on your website, hence speeding up your website loading time and improve your website’s user experience and Google PageSpeed Insights score.

Main Features

  • Optimize up to 2000 Images Monthly – You can optimize up to 2000 images per month, for free!
  • Upload Images up to 5MB in Size – That means you can optimize up to 5GB images per month.
  • Optimized API without Speed Limit– Process images instantly without a speed limit.
  • Lazy Load Images – Delay loading images until they are needed to speed up your pages.
  • CDN Integration – Integrate CDN service to your website to speed up your page load time.
  • Images Bulk Optimization – Optimize all your images in bulk in a simple click.
  • Original Images Backup/Restore – Back up original images and restore them later as needed.
  • Lossy and Lossless Compression – Support both lossy and lossless compression options.
  • Auto-Optimize Images upon Upload – Automatically optimize images as they are uploaded.
  • Auto-Resize Images upon Upload – Automatically resize images as they are uploaded.
  • Resize Existing Images in Bulk – Resize all your existing images in bulk.
  • Select Images to Optimize or Resize – Manually optimize or resize selected images.

Pro Features

  • No Daily or Monthly Limit – Optimize as many images as you want in each domain, without a limit!
  • Convert To WebP Format – Convert your images to WebP format to make your website faster.
  • Custom Compression Level – Full control over image quality/size by customizing compression rules.
  • More Image Formats – Optimize images of more formats including jpg, png, webp, and gif.
  • Max Upload Size Limit Up To 32MB – Upload single image of up to 32 MB to optimize.
  • Custom Folder – Optimize images under custom folders.
  • Exclude Rules – Specify and exclude folders or files you don’t want to optimize.
  • Schedule Optimization – Set up a schedule to automatically run the optimization in bulk.
  • Faster Specialized API– Process images in a faster way with our specialized API (cloud server).
  • Improved Algorithms – Optimize images in a faster and safer way with our improved algorithms.
  • White Label – Replace WPvivid branding with your own branding.

  • More Amazing Features

Supported Image Formats

  • PNG

Plugin Compatibility

WPvivid Image Optimization Plugin is compatible with the leading page builders and eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce.

Minimum Requirements

  • Character Encoding UTF-8
  • PHP version 5.3
  • MySQL version 4.1
  • WordPress 5.1


Get Started: How to Optimize Images in WordPress with WPvivid Image Optimization Plugin


We offer free support in 2 channels:

Forum Support:

Post questions and get faster answers from WPvivid Image Optimization plugin support forum on

Email Support:

Leave us a message at our contact page and we will back to you soon.

Installation and Uninstallation

Install Compress & Resize Images -WPvivid Image Optimization Plugin

1.Go to your sites admin dashboard.
2.Navigate to Plugin Menu and simply search for WPvivid Image Optimization Plugin.
3.Click Install Now then click Activate Plugin.

Uninstall Compress & Resize Images -WPvivid Image Optimization Plugin

1.Click Deactivate from the Plugin Menu.
2.Click Delete.

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

WPvivid Image Optimization and Compression Plugin is created and operated with full respect and protection of users personal information, and is in full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).
Our servers do not receive any personal information of your website except for the images that you want to optimize. And we won’t keep any copies of your images on our servers.


WPvivid Image Optimization and Compression Plugin is licensed under GPL version 3 or later.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details:

Contact us

Feel free to let us know how we can help using the support forum for WPvivid Image Optimization plugin on or our contact form.


  • Optimizing images in bulk


How are my credits counted?

WPvivid uses a credit system where optimizing one image size costs one credit. When you upload an image, WordPress will generate 6-10(even more based on the requirements of your themes or plugins) associated images in different resolutions. Then each image size counts as an image. For example, if you upload 10 images, there will be 10 original images showing on our plugin and your WordPress Media Library, and when you choose to optimize all images, the actual number of images that will be optimized will be 60-100, which means 60-100 credits will be used.

How to save credits?

To save credits, you can skip and uncheck these images sizes you do not want to optimize from the plugin settings.

How to avoid double optimizing images and wasting credits?

The optimized images list is saved in the postmeta table in your WordPress database. If you lose the table or empty the data from the table, the previously optimized images will be recognized as un-optimized, so they will need to be re-optimized, which will cause a waste of credits. It is also best to include the table when migrating the site.


November 11, 2022 1 reply
I installed it as it came with the Back up suit of WP Vivid for free. This was absolutely under the radar as I never heard of that plugin. The set up is clear and easy to understand. It has option to resize and compress. Also possibility to convert to Webp and even CDN. So quite complete. What I am not so sure about is the compression ability respective to other plugins. I use Lossy: Compress the image by up to 20%(conservatively) but in my stat the reduction is 4% so really not worth it in my point of view. My images get ingested already quite optimized with mini JPG pro and a 77% quality in Lightroom. I wish there was some kind of visual clue to see how it compresses a sample image in all the quality setting that you can choose. I also hope to see some comparison in the future with the big contenders in that department of image optimizations. Maybe it is still to unknown to have been noticed. So I like all the possibilities but I am quite in the dark of their compression power and so far a 4% is not something to be very excited about.
October 20, 2022 1 reply
I don't like, don't know how to use it, and the whole screen is full of offers and buttons to BUY. You better look for other options...
July 25, 2021 1 reply
I'm a paid/pro user of this plugin, and the optimization never worked for me. It keeps showing errors and I have barely 208 images on my site to be optimized or converted to .webp (I wasted 30 mins trying again and again) I have to install Imagify and pay for their service to get those images optimized and converted to the next-generation format. (It took me 10 mins) Save yourself time and stay away. Note: From all the products that I have access the ONLY one that worked still WPVivid Backup.
April 17, 2021 1 reply
I am WPvivid backup pro plugin LTD customer. Stumbled upon this randomly in WP repo. This plugin is having an amazing initial version. The image limit is low, but the options it has remind me of the start of WPvivid Backup plugin. It goes in the right direction and as soon as they start offering more credits I'm going to start using it for real. This is a review of initial release, it is not even 1.0 so the credit limit is not a bad thing, it's just early in the process. CDN is coming soon which is great. I expect this to be the best alternative to the leading image optimization plugins such as ShortPixel. Keeup up the great work!
April 6, 2021 1 reply
I'm finally first in something. Joke aside, the plugin still works fine so far. Compression ok, lazy load ok. I didn't expect anything else. Their backup plugin is also very good. Thanks for using.
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  • Fixed: When the plugin was enabled, Divi editor could not be loaded in some cases.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 6.0.


  • Fixed some UI bugs.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.9.2.


  • Updated: When WPvivid lazy loading is enabled, WordPress lazy loading will be disabled.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.8.2.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Added an option to the plugin settings to delete image backups.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Fixed a bug that was with the lazy loading feature.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Improved compatibility with leading page builders, including Oxygen, Beaver, Thrive Architect,and Tatsu page builder.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Now the free credits become 2000 per month.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.8.
  • Fixed some bugs on the plugin UI.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Optimized the workflow of optimizing images.
  • Fixed some bugs on the plugin UI.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Added a new feature of integrating CDN service to your website.
  • Fixed a bug that can occur in some cases when resizing images.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Optimized the plugin UI.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Optimized: Optimization could be interrupted because of network issues when continuously optimizing images.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code and optimized the plugin code.


  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.


  • Improved the plugin UI.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Added image lazy loading option.
  • Fixed a fatal error when optimizing images in some cases.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.


  • Initial release of the plugin. Now you see it.